Unleash Your Super Powers

Do you know you have “Super Powers” waiting to be unleashed and used?

You can train your “Super Powers” and use them every day to do the unimaginable with the scientifically researched and proven Silva Ultra Mind E.S.P. System.

To tap into your intuition, all you need to learn is how to function at the Alpha Brain Wave Level with conscious awareness and do some simple mental calisthenics to exercise and strengthen your brain and mind.

It is simple: let your intuition guide you automatically.

Begin today and start using your Super Powers to help you every day the way our students are learning to do successfully.

Ultra Mind goes far beyond any “self-improvement” or “mind development” program you may have taken in the past.

Let me show you how to help yourself and others by using more of your mind to solve more problems.

Develop your natural God-given intuition in 2 days in a live seminar.

Or if you prefer, learn at your own pace and convenience with our exclusive Silva Ultra Mind E.S.P. System Complete Home Seminar.
Either way your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

Jose Silva’s prescription for a successful life is simple:
1. Maintain a perfectly healthy body and mind
2. Solve problems and do worthwhile things
3. Leave behind a better world for those who follow

Learn how you can program yourself for Success.

How would you like to learn to use the untapped power of your mind to make a real difference in your relationships, your work, your family, your community, your world… in all of the things that matter the most to you?

Then trust your intuition and take the first steps in a journey to a whole new world, a subjective world – the world of the mind – where anything is possible.

Begin now by choosing the System that best suits your needs:

Jose Silva’s Ultra Mind E.S.P. System to develop your natural God-given intuition. More information about E.S.P.

Be ready to overcome any health problem with Jose Silva’s Holistic Faith Healing home study course. More about Holistic Faith Healing

Remove limitations that hold you back with Jose Silva’s Choose Success problem solving techniques. More about Choose Success System

Jose Silva’s guide to Mental Training for Fitness and Sports. More about Fitness and Sports

Use your E.S.P. to increase your sales and income with the Silva Ultra Mind’s Sales Power System. More about Silva Sales Power System

Make better business decisions and increase your earning power with Silva Ultra Mind’s Business Intuition System. More about Intuition in Business